2018 Game Schedule

Regular Season
Date Time Opponent Location Result Goals Assists
09/02/18 12 pm  Xavier University Home 4-1 W Anandika, Gerlacher, Scheele, Strickler Anandika, Brooks, Gullo, Scheele
09/02/18 2 pm  University of Toledo Home 3-0 W Forfeit
09/09/18 12 pm  Akron University  Akron 4-0 W Anandika, Branch, Strickler, Own Goal Gerlacher, Hirsch, Reineks
09/09/18 2 pm  Kent State University Akron 6-1 W Anandika, Branch, Burgin, Etnyre, Gerlacher, Seliskar Anandika, Duncan, Guida, Gullo
09/16/18 12 pm  Bowling Green State University Home 4-0 W Seliskar (2), Strickler, Own Goal Anandika, Etnyre, Hirsch, Kisor
9/23/18 12 pm Youngstown State University Youngstown State 7-0 W Branch (3), Burgin, Fitz Gerald, Gullo, Schoener Anandika, Gerlacher, Hirsch (2), Polonia, Strickler
9/30/18 12 pm Cleveland State University Home 13-0 W Agranoff, Anandika, Branch, Etnyre, Guida, Kisor, Schoener, Seliskar, Settleman (5) Anandika, Arefi (2), Burgin (2), Clarke, Etnyre,  Fitz Gerald, Gerlacher, Guida, Kisor, Polonia, Reineks
10/07/18 12 pm Ohio University Home 1-0 W Fitz Gerald Arefi
10/14/18 11 am University of Cincinnati Cincinnati

(Mount St. Joseph University)

1-1 T Gullo Schoener
10/14/18 TBD Case Western Reserve University Cincinnati

(Mount St. Joseph University)

4-0 W Burgin, Schoener, Strickler, Own Goal Anandika (2), Branch, Kisor

October 27-28 2018 Westfield, IN

2018 MASC Conference Tournament
Date Opponent Location Result Goals Assists
10/27/17 Grand Valley State University Westfield, IN 2-0 W Branch, Scheele Guida, Scheele
10/27/17 Northwestern University Westfield, IN 2-0 W Kisor, Scheele Branch
10/28/17 Michigan State University Westfield, IN 1-0 L

November 29-December 1 2018 Foley, AL

2018 NIRSA National Tournament
Date Opponent Location Result Goals Assists
11/29/18 University of Delaware Foley, AL 1-0 W Branch Polonia
11/29/18 University of Colorado Foley, AL 3-0 W Branch, Chiou, Duncan Gerlacher, Schoener
11/30/18 Cal Poly SLO Foley, AL 3-1 W Duncan, Etnyre, Hirsch Anandika, Scheele
11/29/18 University of Oregon Foley, AL 2-1 W Chiou, Own Goal Gerlacher

Final Four

University of Florida Charlotte, NC 1-0 L

3rd Place Game

Virginia Tech University Charlotte, NC 3-1 W Gullo, Polonia, Schoener Fitz Gerald